Enterprise Content Management (ECM) supports your company or organization through various technical tools and digital functions to fully exploit the potential and added value in day-to-day business. But ECM is more than a piece of software. As a strategy and management concept of information technology, Enterprise Content Management is a forward-looking hub for the exchange of information, communication, and collaboration for medium-sized businesses, local administrations or corporations. Electronic document management is a core element of an ECM system and guarantees unlimited access to your company’s store of information. Your data/information and documents merge into intelligent objects (e-records) based on context. This means that adjustable, individual perspectives can be set up for each user or area of work. Processes can be efficiently and optimally designed thanks to the system’s high-performance functions, effectively replacing or minimizing time-consuming and costly manual processes.


ELO Business Solutions


ELO offers a range of modules, interfaces and solutions to enhance and extend the functionalities of ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise according to your individual requirements, such as for email management, invoice management, or contract management. The portfolio of ELO Business Solutions, a range of standardized applications for different business scenarios, is being developed continually. And, thanks to our multi-client strategy, ELO offers the right solution for every scenario.

The ECM suites ELOprofessional, aimed at SMEs, and ELOenterprise, designed for large companies, provide an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing and archiving all information in an organization. Employees with the appropriate authorization have access to the company’s entire knowledge resources in a single, central location, while intelligent search functions enable a quick search for their contents.

In addition, both ELO ECM suites facilitate teamwork thanks to various collaboration tools, such as the ELO feed, which allows employees to participate in document-based discussions. This feature makes it easier to share information and at the same time ensures transparency, since those collaborating on the document can see who has made changes. My ELO is an information hub that users can personalize, giving them a quick overview of all their relevant information, documents and pending tasks.

The ELO server components run on the operating systems Windows and Linux, whereas the clients run on Windows and macOS.


ELOoffice 11

This is the perfect entry level digital document management solution for both individual users and small companies, allowing them to manage all documents in a repository structure based on customers and transactions. The filing structure follows the basic principles of an organized workspace using digital filing cabinets and folders. With the provided repository template, users can also benefit from a predefined structure.

ELOoffice 11 automatically recognizes inbound invoices, filing them based on custom rules. Outbound documents users have created can also be transferred and filed to the ELO repository and then forwarded to others. An intuitive, comprehensive search helps you find documents and other files quickly and easily.

You can transfer data from the ELO repository to your mobile device, meaning you can continue working while out of the office. It is also possible to synchronize documents you have created on your mobile device with the ELO repository. For example, you can scan documents with your smartphone using the ELO QuickScan app and file them with just one tap.

Some ELOoffice 11 highlights include a repository template with the ability to analyse important business documents at the click of a mouse. A new text recognition function in ELOoffice lets you transfer information to a document in no time at all. The new ELOoffice backup function secures your entire ELO repository on a medium of your choice, including the cloud. ELOoffice no longer meets your needs? Simply upgrade to ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise.

ELO enterprise

The ECM solution for large companies and corporations is compatible with all systems and guarantees unlimited access to your information across its entire life cycle. High performance, scalable components can easily manage large volumes of data. Seamless integration with other business applications, such as ERP software, facilitates access to information across multiple systems.

ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise support business processes thanks to sophisticated workflow elements. Not only are workflows adaptable, but employees can track all actions at every step of the workflow. By means of integration with third party systems, it is possible to retrieve data from external applications, such as an ERP system. As a result, processes take less time to complete, improving efficiency and productivity.

ELO DMS Desktop

With efficient document management for every workstation, ELO DMS Desktop integrates ECM functions into the standard Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Windows Explorer). You benefit from powerful document management and archiving functions in your familiar working environment.

Enhanced functions for Microsoft Office programs

Transfer Microsoft Office documents straight to the ELO repository, making them available to all your colleagues provided they have the necessary permissions. The document is checked out for editing, so it is always clear who is currently working on it. Versioned filing helps keep track of who has made changes to documents, keeping processes transparent.

In addition to classic DMS functions, the ELO Clients for Microsoft Office offer comprehensive search functions. Using numerous filters, users can find and access all relevant documents in the ELO repository quickly, without disrupting the usual workflow. To top it off, users can continue working in their familiar programs.

Integration in Microsoft Outlook

Within the ELO Client for Microsoft Outlook, ELO offers the same functions as in the ELO Clients for Microsoft Office. Document management and email management all in one: Microsoft Outlook has direct access to the ELO repository, allowing users to files emails from Microsoft Outlook to the connected ELO repository either manually or automatically. The client also features an integrated preview function, allowing users to view documents directly. Users can not only process documents but also find them quickly and easily thanks to the comprehensive search options at hand.

ELO DMS Desktop

  • Full integration of ELO into Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office has direct access to documents in the ELO repository
  • ELO functions are integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office
  • Changes to documents are logged in a version history 
  • Powerful search functions
  • ELO feed for creating comments and tracking document changes

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS Total control over your emails

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS not only automatically archives emails in compliance with laws and regulations but also is an efficient email management tool. Thanks to full integration into Microsoft Outlook, you can use the tool in your normal workspace.


As ELOxc for Microsoft EWS classifies and assigns emails to specific business processes, you can automatically move emails and attachments to the corresponding folder. Action trees can be used to customize data import from Microsoft Exchange and to downstream processes in the ELO ECM system. At the same time, ELOxc for Microsoft EWS is designed for maximum flexibility, enabling manual (client based) or automatic (server based) archiving or a combination of the two. ELOxc for Microsoft EWS manages emails in compliance with legal archiving requirements.

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS
  • Convenient integration of the solution in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Integrating emails into business processes
  • Add components based on your needs
  • Compliance with legal archiving requirements
  • Protection against data loss
  • Powerful search ensures information is available fast
  • Equally suited for on premise, cloud, and hybrid systems
  • Reduced load on the email server
  • Flexibility thanks to client based and server based archiving


Drive efficiency for your business

The enterprise content management system ELOprofessional drives efficiency, provides transparency and standardizes business processes. The solution for SMEs merges all relevant business information and documents into a company-wide platform. ELOprofessional keeps this data in a logical structure and in compliance with retention requirements across the entire life cycle.

It is also possible to integrate additional modules, such as ELO Business Solutions, which are standardized, ready-to-use applications for a wide range of business scenarios, such as email management, invoice management or contract management. The system can also be enhanced via various components and interfaces with third party applications that companies can tailor to their own requirements. Adaptable workflows streamline processes between departments and ensure that information travels easily within your organization.

ELOprofessional also provides a range of options for mobile working. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices offer a convenient way to capture, access, and edit information as well as to trigger workflows or complete pending actions while on the go.

The ELO feed provides yet another feature that promotes collaboration in the workspace. This chat-like tool enables employees to easily exchange information and documents within and across department boundaries.

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