Here is an overview of our range of hardware solutions


Our solutions are tailored specifically for small businesses. We understand the challenges that come with branching out into entrepreneurship and offer budget-friendly options to provide small businesses with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

We offer complete IT Management including monitoring, proactive fixes, Remote Support, and more. With our Managed Services solution, your business can leverage the power of IT while keeping costs tightly controlled. Let us help you respond to warning signs, instead of fixing something once it’s broken.

HSS has partnered with global manufacturers, which allows us to offer high-quality IT hardware. This means that we’re able to offer a wide range of products from leading manufacturers and suppliers of computers, servers, networking equipment, storage solutions, printers, peripherals and more.


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Access Control

Restricting unauthorized access to your building(s) is a pillar of any security philosophy and the first step to securing your workplace. Access controls helps you to easily identify who has been accessing sensitive areas and helps prevent the loss of sensitive information. If necessary, removing a person’s access is as easy as the click of a mouse, eliminating concerns about keys and codes that might not be recoverable.


When should an invoice be processed for payment? What are the restrictions for individual authorized signatories? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps decision makers answer these types of questions and is becoming a critical success factor for many businesses. It is much more than simply archiving and preserving data and documents, even though that is where it has its origins. ECM helps you manage what documents need to be released and when.


These days, many documents and photos live on laptop drives or on cloud services. But you still need a reliable printer to make your weekly news bulletins or turn quarterly reports into physical realities you can hang on the notice board or hand out at a meeting. Printers have become less expensive and increasingly tricked-out over time. As HSS, we offer a wide range of machines from industry leaders such as OKI, Lexmark and Epson to suit your needs and your budget.


Unified Communications (UC) offers a competitive advantage for businesses that need a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms. Many businesses use UC solutions over traditional phone systems because they provide a better way to future-proof their investment and help them keep pace with advances in technology.